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Japanese Sacred Shugyo(ascetic training)

Once Upon A Time, Shakyo was necessary to spread Buddhism in a time when printing technology had not been developed, and it was also necessary for many priests in a single temple to conduct ascetic practice, to give lectures, and to conduct research.

Shortly I will introduce the history before showing my experiences.

When we look back at the history of shakyo, we first find this passage in the Nihonshoki; “…gathering a group of transcribers, the Buddhist Tripitaka was transcribed at Kawaharaji temple for the first time…”

Later at the time of Emperor Shomu (701~756), specialists in sutra transcription were appointed and they transcribed the sutras to store or to distribute to Kokubunji temple in various locations. Then after around the Heian Period (794~1192) people started privately doing shakyo as a Buddhist practice, or as a prayer/wish for healing and consoling the souls of their ancestors.

So short note as above , I will share where I did Shakyo and its beautiful temple.


located in Kawasaki city / Kanagawa Prefecture.

Short Description

Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple belongs to the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism. The temple is well known for its power of Yakuyoke (warding off evil), and is commonly called “Yakuyoke No Odaishi-sama” among the people of not only the Kanto area but nationwide. The grand head temple is Chishakuin in Higashiyama Shichijo, Kyoto. Along with Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (Narita City, Chiba) and Takao-san Yakuo-in Yuki-ji Temple (Hachioji City, Tokyo), Kawasaki Daishi is one of the biggest temples of the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism.

Access :

Only 15 mins ? or around that from Shinagawa Station.( To Yokohama Direction)

As arriving in Kawasaki station , transfer to local line and stop at Kawasaki Daishi Station ( 1 or2 stops from Kawasaki station)

To see the right side of this pic, already entrance of the street to the temple .

As walking this street 5,8 mins , you can see the Sando( the road approaching temple)

there is 2 ways :

1 Approaching from residence area

2 Approaching from Shopping Area

I really recommend this way

So beautiful street leads you to the temple . ( Street Full info is in the Youtube as the bottom of this blog, please jump into it to find details )

As walking this street , you come to hear the rhythmical cutting sound of the candy.

That‘s the famous candy *Tontoko candy*

It is a type of candy made by mixing soy, pepper, and ginger. After hardened and thinned, it is then cut into small pieces, each size with 2 cm in length. There is a saying that this candy is useful for cutting sputum and suppressing coughs.

Kawasaki Daishi is also known for its popular service for getting rid of bad luck. Sometimes, "cutting candy" is understood for "cutting off trouble," so it became widely known as "sputum cutting candy."

So the temple is coming into your eyes..

Wow, so beautiful !!!!!

And show you some attractive points.

How nice Kawasaki Daishi is !!!!

But the place I have experienced the Shakyo at is not here , different building....

The building is...... MUCH DIFFERENT from what you saw above! LOL

This building is called as Yakushi-den.

Super beautiful , and authentic .

As you enter this building , you see the golden Buddha .

Please bow and pray firstly.

And there is a reception on the left , and pay 1,000 JPY/P.

A lady at the reception will lead you to the Shakyo room and explain the instruction.

Firstly have a greeting to the Buddha.

And pray with important Monks Lesson:

And Start Shakyo.

As finishing Shakyo , this paper will be dedicated to Buddha.

Not to bring it to home .


Shakyo strengthens my concentration.

It is rare for busy modern lifestyle to spare time to “concentrate on only one thing”.

Many people may always prioritize the efficiency.

In that way, Shakyo is nothing but inefficient work.

It may apparently be meaningless from the point of others’ view.

However, this is very simple to concentrate, which will blow all other thoughts away.

Then, I concentrated so strongly that I could forget about the time.

Short Kawasaki Daishi PV

Full Video :





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