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Have you seen Real Beauty of Japan?

Here we show our Japan real culture and beautiful nature with experiences.

Hope this could be your good tip for your next journey to JAPAN!

①Sacred Place

「Takayama Inari Shrine」

Located right at the center of the mountain, views of the Sea of Japan, Mt Iwakiyama, and Lake Jusanko are visible from the shrine, where worshippers stop by and pray for safety in sea travels, abundant harvests, and success in business.

Just like the Fushimi-Inari Shrine, which is the main shrine of the God Inari, Takayama Inari Shrine venerates the three pillars Ukanomitama, Satahiko, and Omiya.

Entering the precints of this shrine involves climbing over a hundred stone steps while passing through the red torii gates, which are in a curved path.

Location : Tsugaru Area


「Goshokawara Nebuta 」

The Goshogawara city Tachineputa Festival is a summer festival held annually between August 4th and August 8th. Along with Aomori Nebuta Festival, HirosakiNeputa Festival, and Kuroishi Yosare Festival, it is known as one of the four largest festivals of the Tsugaru region.

Tachineputa are massive 23-meter (75 feet) tall 19-ton (38000 lbs) parade floats.At this festival, Tachineputa are conveyed through the city of Goshogawara while float carriers and dancers excitedly shout “Yattemare! Yattemare!” The Tachineputa parade never fails to captivate the audience with its unbelievable size and vigor. In addition to the three large tachineputas which are regularly exhibited at the Tachineputa No Yakata (Tachineputa Museum), a total of 15 floats of various sizes are featured in the festival.

The Origin of the Massive Neputa

The oldest written record regarding tachineputa in Goshogawaradates back to 1907. It notes that great land owners of the time competed against each other to make the highest neputa. The neputas were said to be visible from neighboring towns as they are recorded to have reached a height of 65 feet. Unfortunately, the massive neputas became obscure as the schematics and records of the massive neputas were lost after two devastating town fires. In 1993, some lost scematics and pictures were found, thus reviving the tachineputas. Today, GoshogawaraTachineputa has gained much popularity as one of the leading summer festivals along Aomori Nebuta

Location : Goshogawara City


「Oirase Gorge」

Oirase Gorge is a well-known picturesque locale, whether it is in the spring with fresh green leaves, the fall with the gorgeous fall leaves, or the cool summer. The gorge stretches from Nenokuchi on Lake Towada to Yakiyama a total distance of 14 km (8.6 miles). Expansive woods blended with numerous waterfalls and the graceful water current give life to the magnificent mountain stream. Hiking in spring and the season of autumn foliage is simply exceptional.

A Treasure Spot for Beautiful Waterfalls

Kumoi waterfall, Choshi Otaki, Ashura Current, and Kujukushima are just a few of the many popular waterfalls and scenes in Oirase Gorge. Many visitors and photographers try their hand at taking the best picturesque shot.

Location : Towada City

④Art Museum

「Towada Art Centre」

The Towada Art Center (Towadashi GendaiBijutsukan) is a contemporary art museum in Towada City, located about half way along the route between Hachinohe and Lake Towada. Opened in 2008, the museum forms the centerpiece of Towada City's efforts to transform itself into a "City of Art" where visitors can experience artworks that exists in symbiosis with the surrounding nature and cityscape. Its unique structure consists of a jumble of small, individual buildings connected together by glass corridors.

The museum's permanent collection exhibits over twenty modern art installations made by artists from all over the world, including work by Ron Mueck, Jeong Hwa Choi and Yoko Ono. Each piece was created exclusively for the Towada Art Center and most are housed in their own individual rooms. These rooms were in turn designed specifically for the artwork that they contain, and feature various windowed openings that allow the art to interact with the surrounding city.

Location : Towada City

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