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Amazing Fukuoka! Matsuri!


As the first of year, we Japanese have a culture to visit shrine and pray for success and happiness for this year :->

This sacred festival , I’d like to share a very famous shrine in Japan,Toka Ebisu Shrine.

It is said that the man named Takeuchi found a pair of divine statues of Ebisu and Daikoku at a beach on the way from Kashii shrine and Hakozaki shrine and then founded a shrine dedicated to those gods more than 400 years ago.

Naturally, the enshrined gods of the shrine are Kotoshironushino-Okami “Ebisu” and Okuninushino-Okami “Daikoku”. This shrine is usually quiet but it becomes busy with many visitors during the new year festival called “Toka Ebisu”, held from January 8th to 11th. Over a million people visit here and wish for the success in business or family prosperity, from all over Japan.

About 400 stalls are set up during the festival. All lottery tickets sold here come with a lucky prize. You can hear throughout the shrine the shouting voices that declare the outcomes of lotteries; “Oatari! (lottery win)” and “Suehirogari! (growing prosperity promised)”. Also, on the 9th of January around 3:00 pm, you can see a famous scene of Geisha girls visiting the shrine, which is known as “Kachimairi.”

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