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Amazing Kumamoto ! Yamaga Toro: Limited Festival

Can you imagine how beautiful and how deep Japan exist in this world?

Maybe this festival would give you a big impact and can feel real Japan,

which is in Yamaga, Kumamoto Prefecture/Kyushu in Japan.

This unusual time would give you an amazing Japan trip!

Magical illuminations of bamboo and Japanese umbrellas are lit up along Buzen Road and the surrounding area. The retrospective town streets are created by the effort and the collaboration of the local tourism association, shops, college students and government employees.

When the lighting begins at around 6pm, the faint flickering glimmer of candlelight gives Yamaga a warm atmosphere. Gentle lighting leads the way to Yachiyoza Theater, followed by performances of Yamaga drums and Yamaga tourou dance starting at 8:30pm. Enjoy soul-stirring drums and graceful tourou dance in this magical atmosphere.

For the last scene in this festival , Let's enjoy the Japanese Traditional Onsen !

This Sakuranoyu is very traditional and nice Hot Spring Bathing property.

Maybe you can feel very rare and deep Japan.

For 2020, Only 2/7、8、14、15、21、22、28、29 .

Please inquire us for this tour :=>



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