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Amazing Yozakura Experience! Japan:->

Sakura,Cherry Blossom, maybe most of people have heard before , as a Japanese April Flower or Culture.

This is some of examples but I visited actually , there are super nice Sakura spots in Saga Prefecture.

In day time, we visit for feeling spring and enjoy take photos with friends or family.

Yutoku Inari Shrine In SAGA

Ogi Park in SAGA

Ogi Park in SAGA

In night time, we have another culture for Sakura.

We local people gather around Sakura Tree , enjoy Sake or beers with friends or company colleagues. Sometimes nice for couples as well.

And we can can see Demise also , which is street food shops .

Fukuoka castle ruins

This shot, amazingly I could take a photo of UFOs as well, they came to Fukuoka to see Night Sakura!

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