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Undiscovered Destination : Kitakata

This is the first step , going into Kitakata / Aizuwakamazu Area , Fukushima Pref.

Highlight in this movie would be Shingu Kumano Shrine and Okawaso Ryokan,

I visited the shrine in autumn and Okawaso in winter.

Maybe this season contrast can tell you how beautifully distinct the season for each.

Kitakata City :

Very small and tiny city , only 554.7 km² and its population is 46,270 .

How to reach : Shinkansen + Local train from Tokyo (Transfer at Koriyama St) ,

Local Train from Niigata ( Transfer at Niitsu Station)

Attractive Points


・Sake and Kura City, Ouchijuku Area (Aizuwakamatsu )

・Atsushio Station( Japan National Treasure ), Temple in winter

Well, I was astonished at this city for the first time cuz lots of beautiful and interesting places , there is no youtube but this city has LONG 3km Sakura street also.

All season, we can enjoy and feel real Japan here in Kitakata!





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